Treatment & Getting Clean

Recovering from meth addiction can be difficult, but it is not impossible.  Research shows that meth addiction is treatable - people do get well.

Challenges of Meth Treatment

Because of the drug's destructive nature, treating meth addiction presents unique challenges. Upon entering treatment, a meth user may:

  • Require several nights of good sleep, since meth users have often been awake for days.
  • Be more agitated during the first month and have a very short attention span.
  • Have psychiatric problems such as delusions or extreme agitation.
  • Have physical problems, such as wounds, seizures and advanced tooth decay.
  • Require longer treatment than they might from an addiction to another substance.

What Works and How Treatment is Getting Better

Treatment is usually more successful when the individual has the support of loved ones.  The National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) and the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) has invested tens of millions of dollars into researching the effects of meth and effective treatments.  According to NIDA and other experts, one treatment method, the Matrix Model, has shown significant success in treating meth addiction.

Where to Start

  • Narcotics Anonymous Yuma, AZ
    24-Hour Hotline (928) 502-2201

  • Crossroads Mission Yuma, AZ
    944 S Arizona Avenue | (928) 783-9362

  • The Living Center Yuma, AZ
    1444 S. 4th Ave. | (928) 261-8668

  • Community Health Associates Yuma, AZ
    2851 S. Avenue B, BLDG. 4 | (928) 376-0026

  • The Vertical Church Celebrate Recovery Yuma, AZ
    ​(Fridays at 6:30pm)
    3142 S. Arizona Ave. | (928) 726-3007

  • Crystal Meth Anonymous Arizona
    (602) 235-0955

Working together for a brighter future!