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2015 Community Survey
In late 2015, we sent out a community-wide survey to better understand the local
perception of meth use and its impact.  Below are the results of the survey:

  • How big of a problem is meth in your community? (550 responses)
    48% - a serious problem (264 responses)
    25.09% - I don't know (138 responses)
    14.36% - an epidemic out of control (79 responses)

  • Rank the following approaches you believe would be most effective for
    ​combating drugs in your community
    (1 being most important)
    55.20% - Education and Prevention, most #1 votes (260 responses)
    42.91% - Treatment and Rehabilitation, most #2 votes (221 responses)
    51.02% - Increased Penalties and Enforcement, most #3 votes (250 responses)

Meth Seizures in Yuma County

OrganizationTime FrameMeth Seized
Yuma Police Narcotics Task Force1/11/14 - 5/11/15457.387 lbs.
Yuma County Narcotics Task ForceMarch - June 201588 lbs.
Yuma Police Patrol Unit5/1/14 - 4/30/1545.45 lbs
143 meth related arrests

USBP Yuma SectorFiscal year to date
177.22 lbs up 422.93% 
Including Blythe & Wellton- 
645.50 lbs up 90.95%

Yuma Fire Department Meth
overdose related calls
April 2014 - July 201528

Costs and Impacts of Meth Labs in Arizona
(Source: Arizona's Meth Crisis 2006, Arizona Attorney General's Office)

  • From 2000-2005, 1,412 meth production related seizures.
  • In 2003, 38% of males and 42% of females booked in Maricopa County jail tested positive for meth.
  • Surveys have shown that 65% of Arizona child abuse and neglect cases involve meth.
  • ​33% of children found at meth labs tested positive for meth between 2000-2002.
  • Meth addicts turn to crime to support their habits, especially identity theft, forgery, robbery and prostitution.
  • Meth is the leading drug related law enforcement problem in the country.
  • The rates of meth hospital admissions drastically increased from 1990-2004.
  • 70% of reporting counties stated that robberies or burglaries have increased because of meth use.
    • 62% report increases in domestic violence.