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Societal Effects of Meth

Increased Crime

Meth labs, along with sales of the drug, breed crime, including burglary, identity theft, domestic violence and even murder.  Meth-related crime requires extra attention from law enforcement, and meth users are often violent, posing an added risk to local police.

Health Care

Meth use and production also strains a community's health care resources.  

  • Children removed from homes where a parent is making or using meth require medical attention.  
  • Many meth cooks are uninsured, and the cost of their care goes uncompensated.  
  • Meth use is also spreading hepatitis and HIV, as the drug lowers inhibition and increases libido, which can lead to unsafe sexual practices.  Additionally, as the drug is injected, users may share needles.

Meth Labs
(Source: Arizona's Meth Crisis 2006, Arizona Attorney General's Office)

  • ​There were 1,412 meth production related seizures in Arizona (2000-2005)
  • In 2003, 38% of males and 42% of females booked in Maricopa County Jail tested positive for meth.
  • Surveys have shown 65% of Arizona child abuse and neglect cases involve meth.
  • 33% of children found at meth labs tested positive for meth between 2000-2002.
  • Meth addicts turn to crime to support their habits, especially identity theft, forgery, robbery, and prostitution.