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Military & Defense


Marine Corp Air

MCAS Yuma is one of the Marine Corps' premier aviation training bases. With access to 2.8 million acres of bombing and aviation training ranges and superb flying weather, MCAS Yuma supports 80 percent of the Corps' air-to-ground aviation training. Each year, the air station hosts numerous units and aircraft from U.S. and NATO forces.
The ideal weather and location along the Colorado River, make Yuma and the surrounding area an oasis in the southwestern Sonoran Desert with a bounty of superb recreational opportunities and water sports. Seasonal hunting and fishing abound in the fish and game rich Yuma area. Nestled in five square miles just southeast of Yuma, the air station is home to a number of tenant units including Marine Aviation Weapons and Tactics Squadron-1, Marine Aircraft Group-13, Marine Wing Support Squadron-371, Marine Fighter Training Squadron-401, Marine Air Control Squadron-1 and Combat Service Support Detachment-16.

Yuma Proving Ground

Originally established in 1943, Yuma Proving Ground is one of the largest military installations in the world, bigger than the state of Rhode Island. The proving ground’s role in maintaining the quality of America’s combat forces is enormous.

The proving ground conducts a wide variety of military tests throughout the year, consisting of nearly every commodity in the ground combat arsenal. A part of the Army Test and Evaluation Command, the primary mission is to conduct tests on medium and long range artillery, aircraft armament and fire control systems, cargo and personnel airdrop systems, unmanned aerial systems, armored vehicles and automotive equipment, technologies for defeating roadside bombs, and much more.

Yuma Proving Ground is one of the few places where military munitions and hardware can be tested in an area almost completely removed from urban encroachment and noise concerns. Its sunny climate, terrain and excellent range facilities add up to almost perfect testing and training conditions. The workload directly impacts the defense of freedom around the world.

Yuma Proving Ground’s workload directly contributes to America’s national defense, a role that is a source of intense pride for each of the over 2,000 Yuma County residents who work at the proving ground.