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Whether your company is seeking a location with a bottom line cost competitive environment or a community with a concentration of talent, you will find that the Yuma region provides industries with the best of both worlds. 


Firms in Yuma have managed to cut cost in multiple areas of their business operation while never sacrificing performance or efficiency. Local government has been proactive in minimizing regulations and fees in concert with the State of Arizona’s reform of their commercial tax codes.  Phased in reductions to on-going business expenses has been the focus of the overhaul which is directly geared to expand economic development growth throughout our great state.​


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Arizona Commerce Authority

View the latest profile on Yuma including principal economic activities, labor force, etc.

​Greater Yuma Economic Development Corporation
Greater Yuma EDC offers you a one stop shop for corporate site selection data, economic/demographic research trends and quality of life information along with a fully interactive GIS Site Locator tool that will guide you in locating the ideal real estate option.

​Arizona Mexico

​The AMC has created the ideal bilateral platform bringing all stakeholders to discuss common issues between Arizona and Mexico, engaging all entities in government to make this a safe and global competitive region.