Working together for a brighter future!

Be an Advocate

Do you live in Yuma?  Do you love Yuma?  If you answered yes to both of those questions, you are on your way to being a Yuma advocate!

Yuma is an amazing place - to live, to work, raise a family, start a business, and more!  We want to make sure that is the message people hear.  That is what United for Yuma is built on - coming together as a community for the city we love!

Here are some simple tips to get you started:

  • Pick your favorite things.  Maybe you love kayaking on the Colorado River or off-roading in the Sand Dunes.  Share the things you enjoy the most and people will appreciate your authenticity.
  • Stay positive on social media.  Your comments about Yuma can be seen by a lot of people.  Talk about the good things going on in our community rather than focusing on the negative.
  • Join a club/group or volunteer your time.  Being involved in the community is a great way to help and meet new people.
  • Prepare your response for negative comments.  Not everyone is a fan of the heat or size of our city, but being prepared to respond to those comments is a step in the right direction.